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We are proud to be part of the most sustainable shopping centre in the world, the first to be certified by the Living Building Challenge.  Our curriculum incorporates the sustainability initiatives of the Living Building Challenge featured by Burwood Brickworks - from water recycling to solar energy - into our play-based learning.

Sustainability and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education will be a hallmark of the Centre's curriculum. We will take advantage of the sustainable features of this landmark building to stimulate our children's love of nature, while supporting their curiosity about STEM.  Our program will link to the innovative rooftop farm located directly adjacent to our classrooms, where children can learn about sustainable agriculture and even eat what they grow.  

Insight Early Learning Burwood Brickworks has a commitment to a child safe and child friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun.

Aimee Centre Director

Meet the Director - Aimee

Being the oldest of a large Chilean family Aimee has always had a passion for caring for younger children. Aimee realised her passion for education and care pretty early on.

“I’ve always felt strongly about educating children, being the oldest in a large family lead me to have a strong maternal instinct and wanted to teach my younger cousins and siblings all the exciting things I had learnt! Even in primary school I remember approaching my school principal at the age of 9 and asking if I could use the school hall during lunch times to run my new program “Kids-nastics” a combination of gymnastics and dance.”

Aimee has been working with children for over 9 years initially with primary aged children, before making the switch to littler learners.

“In early learning you feel like you are the second home to these children, an extension of their family and it’s so beautiful becoming submersed in each families home culture. It allows for such a unique bond and endless learning opportunities for not only children, but educators too!”

We all love Aimee and are so lucky to have her as Director here at Burwood.

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