Freo Kids Port Coogee

Our Port Coogee centre is now open!  Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Port Coogee adjacent to the Port Coogee Village Shopping Centre, this is one of our new "Freo Kids" centres - an exciting partnership between Insight Early Learning and the Fremantle Football Club. 

The Freo Kids curriculum will emphasize active living and healthy lifestyles, and this lovely centre filled with sea breezes couldn't be in a more ideal spot, just meters from the marina and beach.  

Helen Centre Director

Meet the Director - Helen.

Helen has been dedicated to her work in the Early Years Education Sector for 18 years.

"I have a passion to better outcomes for children through Education and instil a lifelong passion for learning in the youngest members of our community."

Now at the helm of our state of the art centre Helen says;
"I love working with Freo Kids Early Learning – Port Coogee as there is a feeling of welcome and integration with the surrounding Community as well a shared passion for Quality Education and Inclusion of all children."

Helen is an innovative and passionate educator and inspires staff, children and families with her dedication.

Address53 Pantheon Ave, North Coogee, 6163 WA
Phone 08 6370 4107
Hours6:30 am - 6:30 pm, Mon - Fri
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